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Token Issuing Purpose

APPOStoken (APT) is a decentralized open-source platform created on the blockchain to perform AI-based FX/CFD transaction and social lending service.

APT is a token issued on Proprietary blockchain and by utilizing blockchain technology, it can release a high-transparency operational performance data, and perform a trading based on both fundamental and technical sides of a market condition analysis.

It is something that investors need as it can minimize the huge amount of analysis time and capital. Anyone can start an investment freely and fairly.

ICO information

Achievement goals achieved
End of receptio



Total investment

2,369,915,865 / 2,500,000,000APT

ICO will end earlier in case it has reached its target.

Accepted cryptocurrencies

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum

Development Overview

It is an open-source project where anyone can participate freely.
Participants who participate in the development of APT will provide services corresponding to their inventory. They can also participate as business development supporters to share the profit from APT project.

In this project, the enrollment period for APT business development supporters is from March 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018.

Operating System Introduction

There are three main axes utilized in the operating system. Anyone can participate.
FX/CFD (stock index, precious metals, crude oil, commodities) / cryptocurrencies

⒈Autonomous operating platform system

A user answers a questionnaire in line with his desired content.
The strategy program in the system will pick up a strategy that is close to the user investment requirements and automatically customize a portfolio based on these requirements.
This strategy can be switched actively based on user’s tolerable risk and goal.

⒉Deep Learning based automatic trading system

The AI system monitors the market and the economic situation constantly, and continuously accumulates and trains the data for system optimization.

It repeatedly analyzes and trains the data obtained from the market-liquidity and all types of transaction information as well as economic information, then creates its own unique algorithms to analyze its order status subjectively and objectively within the system.

By utilizing its training data, the algorithm can continuously produce its own unique optimized performance where it can predict a variation pattern precisely and discover a market collapse instantly then hedge it accordingly.

⒊Social lending platform system

A trader can register himself as a social trader only if he agrees to make his transaction public within the platform. The trading performance of a social trader is visible to other users. At the same time, his trading performance can be registered as one of the strategies to be evaluated and run by the operating evaluation system.

A user can pick a social trader and copy his trades.

As a reward, the social trader can receive part of the operating profit gained by the user who copied his trades.
Also, users can choose a better copied-trading from a ranking system that shows the performance of a social trader and the number of users copying his trades.

Platform Overview and Security Measures

In this project, a heavy server load is expected due to data storage and the running of different systems thus we provide a special application, and implement Capacity Share Reward system (CSR) that utilizes the available storage in users’ application operation.

The users of CSR system can obtain APT based on the server resources. Also, Proof of Application (PoA) can reduce the risks of cyberattacks and network disturbance by distributing the location of the CSR users.
10 millions of APT have been allocated for CSR system.

PoA will be configured to have a half-life similar to PoW, which is currently under review, so that when APT has depleted, the system will be migrated to PoS where API connection to the distributed information terminal be made via white label to utilize the terminal capacity of every exchange and APPOS users.

Token Issuing Overview


Development of decentralized next generation financial platform
Total token issued:
Application period:
March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

A user who participates as a development supporter will receive some profit from the project platform and the profit from the AFT (provisionally called B-token) operation, based on the amount of APT (provisionally called A-token) the user has.

Different types of benefits available based on the amount of APT owned.

Capital gain can be anticipated from the price rise after ICO.

APT holder distribution chart

Percentage to the total issued token

  • Investors50%
  • CSR(PoA)20%
  • Early investors10%
  • Issuer10%
  • Development team5%
  • Advisor team5%




APPOS Service launch
To become an automatic portfolio creation AI specialized in FX



APPOS (ver.2.0) release
Additional product
CFD transaction starts



APPOS (ver.2.0) release
Implementation of transaction in cryptocurrency



ICO starts (March)
Social trading registration starts
Ranking evaluation system operation commences



Deep learning based automatic transaction system starts
APPOS (ver.3.0) release



Platform open source starts